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How to Solve Poor Scan Quality Issue of Epson Printer?

Life is nothing without problems. Whether we are working at the office or at home or doing something else. Each day is a new challenge for us. You face ups and downs in your businesses, jobs, relations, etc and same happens with the electronic gadgets. They can’t work flawlessly. They too need maintenance and they too get damaged or have some errors. But, yes there is the solution to every problem.


Epson Printer is quite a good printing machine to print, copy and scan documents. But, sometimes users face some difficulties for which they need professional help to solve it. If you are getting poor quality of scan copy, then do the following:


  • If the image appeared on the monitor is very poor then increase the scanning resolution and check the results again.
  • Select the display size to 100 percent. Sometimes, the images are not clear when they are too small.
  • If you see stripe pattern, then perform these actions:
  1. Set Select Source to Magazine option
  2. Set Color Mode to Color
  3. Put the check mark in Image Processing Settings to select Reduce Moire.
  • Go to Basic Mode tab of ScanGear, click Magazine in Select Source option.
  • On the Advanced Mode tab of ScanGear, select Descreen in Image Settings to ON.
  • Now, check the monitor’s color depth and also clean the platen and document cover.
  • Check if the scanner glass is dirty. Clean it properly with a clean dry cloth.
  • Go to Advanced mode tab of Scan Gear and change the settings of the image.
  • Finally, check if the color tone of the picture is different from the original paper, do the following and scan again:
  1. On the Advanced Mode tab, set Image Adjustment in Image Setting to None option.
  2. Go to Color Settings tab in the Preferences box.
  3. Set Color Matching accordingly.


I hope these steps have solved your scanning issue. Reach to us for additional help. Moreover, we can help you to eliminate common errors of the printing machine. Make a toll-free call at Epson Printer Technical Support Number NZ 099509152 to talk to our executives directly. Or, you can drop us an email if you feel hesitated to talk on a call.


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